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Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance

We can help find the best value for your auto coverage.

Unlike other States, Michigan is a unique animal.   Our car insurance laws provide the best coverage in the nation.   With the best coverage you also pay more premium so having your agent shop for the best fit is important.  Our agents will consider your specific needs and shop quotes from several companies to find the best overall value. We will also suggest coverage that will improve your satisfaction when you have a claim.


In Michigan your auto insurance policy provides coverage for allowable medical expenses from a car accident.  They call this “PIP Medical” and under the current law this coverage is Unlimited.   The car insurance pays any medical bill not covered by your health insurance (if applicable) with no limit.  This is a major safety net for drivers in Michigan and ensures you won’t go bankrupt with medical expenses caused by an auto accident.


Next July (2020) the updated No-Fault law will take effect and you will have the choice between 3 basic levels of “PIP Medical coverage


  1. Unlimited – like you have now, you are covered 100% with no out of pocket expense.
  2. $500,0000 limit – any expense over $500,000 that isn’t covered by health insurance you’d pay out of pocket.
  3. $250,000 limit – any expense over $250,000 that isn’t covered by health insurance you’d pay out of pocket.

 You should know:

  • The price you pay may go down at renewal
  • Your limit of PIP Medical coverage won’t change from unlimited unless you elect to change it.
  • You will have the option to make changes early if you don’t want to wait until your policy renewal.

 If you have questions on No-Fault and the upcoming changes, please contact our office we know how to help!  We want to be your trusted choice for your Michigan Auto Coverage.